Charitable Foundation

Our Foundation serves you.  By partnering with our clients and communities, we are able to multiply our impact: together we all count.

What We Do

What We Do

The DOZ Charitable Foundation Inc. (the “Foundation”) is a 501(c)(3) Corporation formed in 2010 to work in unison with DOZ.  The Foundation is managed and controlled by 9 Directors elected by DOZ employees through an independent voting process, and its mission is primarily achieved through monetary contributions and participation in fundraising Community Outreach. Through the combined volunteer work and fundraising of the DOZ employees, we are able to reach further into our community to offer assistance and resources to those in need. By partnering with our clients and communities, we are able to multiply our impact: together we all count.

DOZ employees bring causes and organizations important to them to the Foundation Board of Directors to seek volunteer participation, financial support, or both. With the support of the staff at DOZ, we are able to provide a large number of volunteer services to our local community. 

In 2020, the Foundation gave $136k in donations to 47 community organizations and 1,295 employee volunteer hours at 50 events.

Why We Do It

Why We Do It

We strive to make a difference. We use our gifts through our resources, our hands through the participation of our DOZ staff and family, and our hearts through the continual awareness of the needs of those around us. In this effort and in the continued effort to increase our resources through the growth of DOZ, we can and do make a difference.

Our strength in numbers gives us the ability to stay involved year around in local charity events, and many of our organizations are supported annually by the Foundation. We encourage our DOZ families to get involved in participation to further cultivate a heritage of responsible stewardship.

DOZ Charitable Foundation Board of Directors

The Charitable Foundation’s Board of Directors consists of DOZ employees that are elected by the DOZ staff, the Foundation’s stakeholders.  The 2023 DOZ Charitable Foundation Board of Directors are:

  • President – Brittany Ross
  • Vice President – Abby Hosfield
  • Treasurer – Susan Stites
  • Secretary – Jill Rees
  • Board Members – Patrick Phelan, Emily Taylor, Victoria Foulke, Chelsea Wright, and Victoria Poehl

To contact a representative of the Foundation, click here.

Foundation Impacts

We partner with organizations working to better their communities, from large scale charitable organizations to smaller grassroots groups – no impact is too small.  We are pleased to share just a few of the impactful stories shared by our partner organizations:

Pack Away Hunger

Pack Away Hunger is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to greatly improving the lives of children and others who suffer from hunger and malnutrition. Pack Away Hunger’s efforts are local, national and international. To achieve its mission, Pack Away Hunger partnered with the Mathile Institute for Human Nutrition to develop the most highly nutritious pre-packaged meals available.

I got involved with Pack Away Hunger in 2013 (formerly known as Kids Against Hunger-KAH) when my daughter’s Daisy troop participated in a local meal packing event. Later that year, the entire family (all five of us now) packed meals the day after Thanksgiving. And then in early 2014, my wife went on a medical mission trip to Cap Rouge, Haiti. On the last day of their trip, she came across an empty KAH meal packet on the ground. 

From then on, I was sold in their mission and knew that a similar service event could be successful at DOZ. 

In 2019, 107 DOZ personnel participated in a two-day packing period, and then another 13 DOZ parents and their 22 children packed meals during DOZ’s annual Take Your Kid to Work Day. Over 27,000 meals were packed in 2019, bringing total meals packed as an organization to 155,952 since 2014.

In 2020, our annual packing event could not take place due to COVID-19. As a result, the DOZ Charitable Foundation generously donated funds to further Pack Away Hunger’s mission. DOZ looks forward to continuing our packing event in 2021.


DOZers participate in a 2019 meal packing event.

The Muscular Dystrophy Family Foundation (MDFF)

For over 60 years, the Muscular Dystrophy Family Foundation has provided support to help people with neuromuscular diseases live each day to the fullest.  DOZ’s involvement in this organization is personal, and we are proud to be able to contribute to an organization that makes such an impact on individuals.  Over the last 5 years, the DOZ Charitable Foundation has contributed over $40,000 to MDFF.  These funds went towards the purchase of two fully accessible vans that help facilitate access to transportation and break down physical barriers for recipients.  In 2020, the Foundation had the opportunity to participate in the presentation of accessible vans to two families –  Kamaria is excited to go to her local park, cheerleading camp, the Children’s Museum and Disney, while twins DaMarri and Dairrean Parker are excited to take more and longer family trips as well as increase their opportunities to attend social functions.  It has been an honor to play a small part in helping these families increase their independence.

Indiana Canine Assistance Network (ICAN)

ICAN’s connection with the DOZ Charitable Foundation began in 2017 through the generous sponsorship of an ICAN dog-in-training that we named “DOZer”. The foundation also volunteers professional support at ICAN’s largest fundraiser of the year, Wine & Wags, where we manage the evening’s contributions and the sales of ICAN’s annual calendar. Dino Sierp, the Director of Development & Outreach, shares that our “enthusiasm to assist with this significant event is a true reflection of the passion this foundation has for community involvement.”

“Since 2002, it’s been ICAN’s mission to support and encourage people by training and providing service dogs for individuals living with a disability,” says Jillian Ashton, President. ‘’We are deeply grateful for our partnership with the DOZ Foundation and what it has given to our organization. Their involvement has made a huge impact on children and adults living with a disability, and the inmates who train our dogs, and are ready to move beyond their mistakes.”

DOZ sponsored the training of Dozer, the service dog.

Fair Haven Foundation

Fair Haven provides a home-away-from-home for seriously-ill patients and their families who travel to Indianapolis for critical medical care.  Fair Haven’s warm and welcoming lodging facilities are fully-furnished and located near the downtown medical center and on the south side.  Having a convenient and comfortable place to stay near the hospital lifts a tremendous burden for these families, allowing patients to get the critical care they need and making it possible for families to be together when they need each other most.

“We are so grateful for the amazing partnership of the DOZ Charitable Foundation!  DOZ’s incredible team has served and been involved in so many ways over the years.  Every fall, a DOZ team volunteers at our annual fundraiser, the Parisian Flea Market – it wouldn’t be the same event without them!  DOZ volunteers have also served the families at Fair Haven by preparing and delivering meals, setting up new TVs at apartments, and by answering our “SOS” call when we desperately needed help with various projects!  Through your generous support and service, DOZ has truly made a difference for hundreds of families battling a serious illness.  We couldn’t do what we do without you.  Thank you, DOZ!” – Amanda Milner, Executive Director

Donate Now

Since we were founded in 2010, our presence in the community continues to grow. The large number of organizations we are able to support is made possible through the generosity of not only the staff of DOZ, but also through the good will of our clients, vendors and associates.  It is in the combined spirit of giving that we are able to make a difference in the lives of others and set a precedence of stewardship in our professional community.

Donations will be used to support the area of greatest need or can be made in honor or memory of someone special.  Should you choose to designate an organization, we will gladly send notification of your donation to the name(s) that you provide.

Thank you in advance for supporting The DOZ Charitable Foundation.

The DOZ Charitable Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.  All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law, and your contribution makes an important difference.