Gemi Ozdemir

Gemi Ozdemir



Gemi is the Marketing Member at Dauby O’Connor & Zaleski, LLC and has been with the organization for over 25 years. He began as an accounting intern in 1993 and has since flourished with the organization, becoming an integral part of the leadership. Following his internship, Gemi became a full time auditor working on affordable housing client audits and tax returns, but found his niche in the business development side of the business, growing DOZ to a nationally-recognized accounting provider in the affordable housing industry.

Gemi’s role with DOZ evolved from accountant to Marketing Director as DOZ began to grow. His extensive knowledge of the industry and reputation for excellent client service saw him take on the task of growing DOZ’s portfolio. Gemi was the seventh employee at DOZ and, through his extensive business development work, DOZ now supports a staff of over 200. His ability to work with clients to identify areas of weakness or potential growth and propose unique solutions and/or engagement structures to solve these issues has garnered him a reputation in the industry as a problem solver, and he is known throughout the country as he travels to industry events and conferences.

In 2013, Gemi became a Member at DOZ; he continues to lead the marketing and business development team, while also helping drive the path and future of the organization as a member of the Partner & Principal group. His ability to make strategic decisions regarding new products, client growth, staffing, and process improvement have contributed to DOZ’s 34 years of consistent growth year over year.

Gemi Ozdemir

B.S., Indiana University, Bloomington

Professional Organizations
  • Board Member, NAHMA Educational Foundation
Charitable Organizations
  • Board Member, JDRF Indiana
  • Junior Board Member, Cristo Rey Network