DOZ prepares the annual federal and state tax returns for over 6,000 multifamily housing-related entities each year. 

Our tax staff brings a unique combination of professional backgrounds, including CPAs, JDs and MBAs, that are adept at understanding, applying, and communicating the ever changing tax code with clients to ensure proper reporting and to maximize the benefits to the client.

No matter your type of organization or entity, we can advise you on tax matters and structuring.  Our experience nationwide means we can handle portfolios that cross multiple state lines with ease, while providing exceptional client service and on time deliverables.

As a leader in the industry, DOZ has valuable expertise at every level of Low Income Housing Tax Credit reporting, from the single-asset partnership entity to the consolidated owner entity, syndication fund, syndicator, or direct investor. These complex returns require a team of dedicated affordable housing tax professionals that are up-to-date on best practices, regulatory guidance, and IRS regulations.  We also devote substantial time and resources to collaborate with our tax exempt mission-based clients to guide them in their understanding and compliance with the requirements related to IRS Form 990.

Our tax professionals are adept at interpreting and communicating regulatory changes to clients to minimize last minute requests or changes and anticipate issues before they arise.